Letter From Gedling Borough Council to Local Residents

Below is the letter that a very limited number of residents living around the Community Centre and Bowling Green have received, click here to view/download a PDF copy:

Chief Executive
Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park
Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LU
Direct Line:
(0115) 9013915
(0115) 9013901
To: The Resident
Public Consultation in relation
To Haywood Road Community Centre
(0115) 9013921
Our Ref:
16-58 JR/car
Please ask for:
John Robinson
31 October 2016

Dear Local Resident

Proposed Sale of Haywood Road Community Centre

I write to invite you to comment on a proposal to sell and re-develop Haywood Road Community Centre site.
As you may already be aware, Gedling Borough Council has been considering the future of Haywood Road Community Centre for some time.
There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being the reduction in the amount of money available to the Council to spend on local services.
Since 2011, the Council’s funding has been reduced by just under £2 million. On top of this, we are making plans to manage another £2.4 million reduction in our grant between now and 2020.
To date, we’ve been able to operate on less money without making significant cuts in services, for example by providing some of our services to other Councils and introducing more efficient ways of working. However, the additional savings we have to make are going to be even harder to find without having an impact on peoples’ lives.
Alongside staff costs, the cost of buildings that we run is one of our most significant outgoings which is why we’ve been looking into which buildings to keep, which need money spending on them and which could be operated in a different way.
Haywood Road Community Centre is approximately 100 years old and is in need of significant investment to bring it up to modern standards. For example, the pre-school play-group offer an excellent and much needed service from the centre but the current building is well short of being ideal for their use.
Gedling Borough Council has relatively few sites in its ownership that it is able to sell to generate money to invest in local services or to prevent reductions in local
services. Haywood Road Community Centre is one of those sites, being potentially suitable for a small housing development.
In February 2017, the Council’s Cabinet will therefore be asked to consider the sale of Haywood Road Community Centre. The key factors being (a) an estimated capital receipt in the region of £500,000; (b) the estimated cost of repairs and refurbishment to the community centre in the region of £100,000; (c) an opportunity to provide up to 11 new family homes.
Prior to Cabinet considering its decision, I wanted to give you the opportunity to express your views. In doing so, it’s also really important to emphasise that if the Cabinet do decide to sell the site, further and more detailed consultation will then take place as part of the Planning process. This will cover the design and layout of the site and the number and type of housing to be provided. In addition, we are extremely sensitive to local concerns about lack of open space and community facilities so would want to involve and work with the community on these matters too.
The deadline for making comments is 16 December 2016 and please direct these to Katie Walters, the Council’s Lead Property Officer, Gedling Borough Council, Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 6LU or by email to Katie.walters@gedling.gov.uk. You can also feedback to us by visiting http://www.gedling.gov.uk/community/haveyoursay/ .
Yours sincerely
John Robinson
Chief Executive


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