Comments From Local People

Thanks for all your feedback, below are some of the comments we’ve received, if you’d like to add your thoughts please use comment at the bottom of the page or use the comments box on the right:

“It is essential that we fight to save this valuable community asset.
It also currently houses a very successful preschool which is under pressure to find a new home. jobs may be lost as a result of this closure.” – Rachel

“This is the only community green space we have in porchester gardens. To sell it off for housing will destroy the Precious social value and green space this place offers. No way will more houses improve the area, just the council making a fast short term Buck at the detriment of the local community.The dancing group I go to, the bowling group, the potential to develop other groups, use the green space for the local community. We will never get this back and the price of £450 k is far short of the value of this place.” – Jane

“The community centre is constantly in use, I see childrens’ parties going on most weekends, the pre-school every weekday and all sorts of activities in the evening. I can’t believe Gedling Borough Council want to sell this off to make some money, I thought we’d voted them in to look after communities?” – Phil

“There are so many families around here, we really need to use the bowling green as a park and play area now that they have kicked the bowlers off. There is no other public green space in Porchester Gardens, the last thing we need is some developer cramming as many houses onto it as possible” – Amanda

“I have lived opposite the bowling green on Haywood Road for nearly 30 years. I cannot believe that the council are aiming to get rid of the wonderful green space and the well used community centre. It is such an asset to the community and it would be such a great shame to see it go.” – Gina


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