A Park on the Bowling Green

What Has Happened To It?

The bowling green on Haywood Road was, until recently, used by Porchester Bowls Club, who were fighting with Gedling Borough Council for a number of years to be allowed to remain there.

Gedling Borough Council had come to the decision that having a bowling green here was no longer financially viable or the best use of the space. This year was the final Summer for Porchester Bowls Club at this site and they have been relocated to another bowling green shared by other clubs.

Now that Porchester Bowls Club have gone, this area of green space is now no longer being used, and this falls neatly into Gedling Borough Council’s plans to sell off the complete site including the Community Centre to a developer for housing.

As part of encouraging the bowlers to move on they were told that the sale of the site to a developer was a ‘done deal’. This is the same as the pre-school occupying the community centre were told, in order to encourage them to find other premises to ensure their business can continue.

There has now been a strong reaction from local residents who are angry at the, seemingly underhand, tactics used by Gedling Borough Council to remove users before consulting the public and it now appears that the sale of the land is by no means a ‘done deal’. Gedling Borough Council say they are keen to hear what residents would like to see happen to the site.

A New Park For Porchester

We would like to see the bowling green turned into a park and childrens’ play area. Porchester Gardens is very poorly served in terms of public space and this is highlighted in Gedling’s Green Space Strategy Document which on p16 of the executive summary states

‘There is a deficiency of Parks and Gardens in Daybrook and Bonington ward in the north of the borough and Porchester ward in the South’

It goes on to state the need to

‘Identify green spaces and install play facilities appropriate to local demand in areas where there is a deficiency. Particular deficiency areas include Mapperley Plains area near Mapperley Top, the north side of Porchester ward and the border of Carlton Hill, Carlton and Valley ward’


The Last Piece of Public Green Space in Porchester Gardens

There is a high proportion of young families in the area, and these families do not have a childrens’ play area within 15 minute walking distance. In additition to this there are a many older residents who are unable to access public green space because it is too far to walk.

A park and play area on this site would provide a valuable and well used community asset on the only piece of public green space left in Porchester Gardens, if we don’t campaign for one now, it will be sold off to developers and that will be that.

How Can We Get It?

If you would like to see a new park on this site please contact Gedling Borough Council:

Email: Katie.walters@gedling.gov.uk

or visit www.gedling.gov.uk/community/haveyoursay


Click here to view/download the Gedling Borough Council Green Space Strategy Executive Summary


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