Information to Download

Below are some links to some useful documents and information related to the proposed sale of Haywood Road Community Centre and Bowling Green by Gedling Borough Council.

Following a freedom of information request the following documents were obtained from Gedling Borough Council:

Notes from the Members Meeting 27 November 2015     Download Here

Hand written notes from a meeting with the users 25 January 2016     Download Here

A summary of a condition survey conducted on the community centre     Download Here

This condition survey suggests that the Community Centre would benefit from a full refurbishment. Gedling Borough Council go on to claim that £100k spending is required on the community centre and uses this as part of the justification for selling. Very misleading.

Suggested letter to residents from Local Councillors     Download Here

Members Briefing Notes 19 Jan 2016     Download Here

Also, here is the Land Registry documentation for the Community Centre    Download Here

The Land Registry documentation refers to a restrictive covenant:

Download Page 1 Here   Download Page 2 Here   Download Page 3 Here

On page 2, the covenant states that no more than 2 houses can be built on each allotment. If this still stands and the original allotment boundaries still count, this may restrict the number of houses that a developer would be able to build on the site.

Letter sent to only 80 local residents     Download Here

Please feel free to download and look through this information. More to be added.


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