Last Green Space in Porchester Gardens

Here are some photographs of the bowling green which were taken recently. Until now the only people who have been able to enjoy this amazing space have been the bowlers.

Now that they have been moved on we have a chance to use this space for the community. It is the last area of public green space in Porchester Gardens, one of the most densely populated areas in Gedling Borough. It is a vital piece of land for wildlife and nature and it is also the last chance for us to have a park, community gardens or just somewhere to green walk in Porchester Gardens. Let’s try and save it before it’s sold for housing!

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And below is an idea of how it could look if it was used as a park and community space.

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Please sign the petition on the right and email Katie Walters ( Click Here and copy in John Clarke, Leader of Gedling Borough Council ( Click Here, and also our local MP Vernon Coaker ( Click Here and help to make this the park that Porchester Gardens badly needs!


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