BBC Radio Nottingham Interviews


Paul Drury’s latest appearance on BBC Radio Nottingham took place on Friday 28th January where he was interviewed with John Clarke, leader of Gedling Borough Council. You can listen here:

Our Paul Drury made an appearance on the Verity Cowley show on BBC Radio Nottingham, Thursday 15th December where he spoke about the Community Centre and Bowling Green. You can listen to the interview here:

On Friday 2nd December at 5.40pm our spokesman Paul Drury was also on BBC Radio Nottingham talking about Gedling Borough Council’s plans to sell off the Community Centre and Bowling Green, and joining him was the Deputy Leader of the Council, Michael Payne.

Paul outlined the history of the site, how this is the only remaining public building and green space in Porchester Gardens and how incredibly important this is for the community which has insufficient park/green space provision. There is huge local support for expansion of the community centre services, and for the green space to be more widely used by local residents.He also spoke about how successful the pre-school is and how important it is to the area.

Despite the council only sending letters to 80 residents, Paul also spoke about the 550 strong online petition and 330 signatures collected on Mapperley Top in just 1 week. He went on to say how it costs Geding Borough Council very little to run the place as they only cut the hedges and maintain the bowling green, and the massive value of the Community Centre and Bowling Green to the community and huge potential for the future.

Michael Payne started by talking about central government cutbacks and the need to make difficult decisions. Richard Allen asked him about the 33% pay rise that Gedling Council leaders have recently awarded themselves, and Councillor Payne said this is not true. It was actually only Councillor John Clarke who got the 33% rise, Councillor Payne got a 25% rise.


When Richard Allen mentioned that this is the only public green space in the area, Michael Payne said that this wasn’t true and dismissed this point as the bowling green is not open to the public anyway. He went on to speak further about cost savings and how Gedling Borough Council would love to hear as much feedback as possible (despite providing such a short feedback window and refusing to extend it), and he finished by mentioning how maybe they could try selling off a part of the site instead of the whole thing.

It seems that despite public opinion and a clear community need, Gedling Borough Council are still determined to try and make some money out of the site. However with the huge local support we now have for us to do something positive and community based with the site, hopefully they will come to realise the long term value to the community far outweighs the short term money they would raise by selling.


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