Party and Protest 10th December

On 10th December we all got together to have a party and protest at Haywood Road Community Centre which was a massive success. The aim of the party was to let people see the centre and the bowling green and what we could lose, as well as to give the people who use the centre a chance to show what activities take place every day.

All the houses along the street were decorated and we had kids activities, dancing, scrabble and banner making. Attendance was brilliant and included a lot of older people who came by to let us know how important the centre is to them. Many of these people do not use the internet and so this was their chance to speak up.

We also had our local councillors come along including Muriel Weisz, Bob Collis, Michael Adams, Jane Walker and the leader of Gedling Borough Council John Clarke. The media also covered the event with BBC local news filming (we were on East Midlands Today that night) and the Nottingham Evening Post reporting on the event.

The whole event helped to raise awareness of what we could lose and showed our Local Councillors how much support there is for using the Community Centre and Bowling Green for the community rather than selling it to a developer. Thanks to everybody who helped organise the event and to everybody who came along and made it such a success!







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