Council Still Pushing to Sell the Bowling Green

After months of campaigning and hard work we have managed to convince Gedling Borough Council not to sell Haywood Road Community Centre to a housing developer. This is great news because it means that this part of the site can now be taken forward and developed into the community hub that it deserves to be.

However Gedling Borough Council are recommending that local councillors vote to sell the attached bowling green to a developer in order to raise some money for the council. This is the last piece of public green space in Porchester Gardens and our last chance to bring it into community use. We  could have the childrens park that Porchester Gardens so badly needs, a community orchard, allotments, there is so much that we could do with the green space if the council don’t sell it for building.

Click here to download the letter from John Robinson, the Chief Executive of Gedling Borough Council.

The good news is that many of our local councillors that we’ve spoken with are completely against the sale too, and it’s these councillors that will be voting on February 2nd as to whether the bowing green will be sold or not. In fact we will be widely publicising the names of the councillors who vote against the sale of the bowling green so that they get the credit they deserve for the upcoming elections.

If you are able to help with the campaign to save the last area of public green space in Porchester Gardens please get in contact and/or write to your local councillor to let them know your feelings.

Click here to download a feedback form which can be printed and dropped off at Bee and Bird on Mapperley Top.



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