Outdoor Silent Disco!

NIGHT (1)On Friday 15th September 6pm – 11pm Haywood Road Community Centre hosts its first Silent Disco under a marquee on the Old Bowling Green.

If you’ve never been to one of these before you’re in for a real treat and unique experience.

Everybody gets a set of wireless headphones and dances under the disco lights. However unlike a normal disco, there are at least two DJ sets being played at the same time, so if you fancy a change of tune, you flick a switch on your headphones and listen to an alternative set.

You can tell which set people are listening to by the way they are dancing. We’ve also got a licenced bar as well as hot food so should be a cracking evening with no moaning from the neighbours!

All proceeds go towards saving the Old Bowling Green from being built on so we can save the last patch of green space in Porchester Gardens.

Click here to book your tickets.

Legendary Outdoor Silent Disco, under cover and under lights. Choose your tracks and dance the night away!

Choice of songs – Disco, Indie, Old Skool, Rave, Pop, Rock, Reggae – for all ages and tastes.

Under Marquee cover – Fun, Dancing & Laughter!

Licenced Bar, Hot Food & Snacks.


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