Is it Worth It?

This was the question asked in the Nottingham Evening Post in their article on Saturday as we all scratch our heads and try to work out why on earth Gedling Borough Council would want to persist in selling Haywood Road Green to a housing developer when it is such a clearly needed area of green space for the local community. The council face:

  • Permanently depriving a highly populated area of a scarce piece of public green space.
  • Directly contradicting their own Green Space Strategy document which describes Porchester Gardens as severely deficient in public parks and gardens.
  • Being accused of valuing a quick cash boost far more than the wellbeing of their local residents.
  • Losing hundreds of votes in Porchester Gardens and being voted out of office in the next election.
  • Accusations of directing funds towards key high profile Labour election showpieces like Gedling Country Park and Arnold Market purchase and refurbishment.
  • Appearing completely inconsistent by gifting Onchan Park bowling green to the community for nothing, while fighting tooth and nail to sell Haywood Road Green despite a huge community backlash.

The total lack of help and support from the three local Labour councillors for Porchester indicates that the decision has been made by the higher political echelons of Gedling Borough Council, who are determined to push through their own agenda no matter what. It’s almost as if they already know who they want to sell it to? One clue we have managed to unearth is this case study document where senior individuals within the Council seem to be looking to achieve some “ground breaking” status as a council which seeks to develop small scale housing developments. Two interesting quotes from the article are:

The Council has worked closely with a range of developers of various sizes to address obstacles and challenges to development, both generally and on a site-specific basis.

Delivery on some of the sites has been complicated and has required a dedicated
approach from the Council. 

Gedling Borough Council, the developer’s friend. We’re presuming the biggest ‘obstacle and challenge’ in this case is the local residents of Porchester Gardens who have been ‘complicating’ the delivery of Gedling Borough Council’s agenda, they certainly are ‘dedicated’ in trying to force it through!

Building Homes Together - Case Study 3 - Gedling Borough Council-page-001Building Homes Together - Case Study 3 - Gedling Borough Council-page-002




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