A Few Good Men (and Women)

You would have to assume that the reason anybody becomes a councillor is to serve the community around them, make a difference, campaign for noble community causes and to provide a better environment for everybody in their area.


There can be no doubt that this is exactly the reason all of our local councillors for Gedling came into office, to do the right thing for the people around them. Cllr Bob Collis is regularly seen on Mapperley Top campaigning and collecting signatures to put a proper crossing at the top of Breck Hill Road and he helped prevent permit only parking on Haywood Road. Cllr Muriel Weisz has appeared most of our events including the Great Get Together and planted the rose in memory of Jo Cox, and Cllr John Truscott has probably done some great work for the community.

Further afield than Porchester, Cllr Paul Wilkinson was instrumental in saving Onchan Park Bowling Green from sale to developers. Cllr Michael Payne also stepped in to assure its future even though he was Councillor for Redhill,  but there is now complete silence from both of them on the sale of Haywood Road Green, along with all the Porchester councillors.

These councillors clearly have a commitment to working with and protecting local communities, so what, or who is stopping them from stepping in and preventing Haywood Road Green from being sold to a developer? It seems that some political decision has been made that has blocked them from being able to help, and the question is, who made that decision and why are they persisting against everyone’s wishes?


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