300 People Turn Out To Protest on Haywood Road Green

On Tuesday 10th October we organised a gathering at Haywood Road Green inviting people to protest about Gedling Borough Council’s plans to sell the majority of the green for housing. We know the strength of feeling in the community about this, but even we were taken aback when 300 people came along, dressed in green to make their feelings known.


Just as the sun was going down hordes of people stood on the green with banners and glowsticks while all the children ran around playing behind them, on the very space that Gedling Borough Council want to sell to a housing developer.


The atmosphere was incredible and there was a huge sense of community spirit as residents of Mapperley got together to try to stop this travesty.


After the protest, 3 of our representatives spoke to the local Labour branch meeting to the local councillors and Labour Party members to try and impress on them the strength of feeling behind this.


Tomorrow on Thursday 12pm-2pm there will be a vote at Cabinet where Labour Councillors are expected to vote through the proposals to sell the majority of the green despite all the public protests! We will be outside the offices of Gedling Borough Council to once more try and get them to understand the importance of the last piece of public green space in Porchester Gardens, come along if you can.

And here’s our very own Paul Drury being interviewed on Radio Nottingham yesterday, 10th October.



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