Gedling Borough Council Listens

On Thursday 12 October Gedling Borough Council completely reversed their decision to sell the majority of Haywood Road Green to a developer. Instead they voted to retain the entire green under council ownership, open it up to the public and put a children’s play area on it.

This came as a real surprise to us all, but it has shown that the Labour councillors at Gedling Borough Council do listen to the community and have addressed the needs of Porchester Gardens and we would like to thank them for that.

Our campaign to save Haywood Road Community Centre and then Haywood Road Green has had a lot of very passionate support from local residents. We would like to apologise for any comments made by members of the public on our Facebook page which may have upset or offended councillors or staff at Gedling Borough Council. This includes suggestions of vested interests within the Council, which is something that nobody involved with the campaign believed at any point.

The local Labour councillors for Porchester Cllr Muriel Weisz, Cllr Bob Collis and Cllr John Truscott faced a lot of criticism during the campaign, from us included, for not doing enough to support us. However it appears that the councillors were actually working to support us behind the scenes so we’d like to thank them for this and apologise for all the criticism they received.

We would also like to thank Cllr Mike Adams who has had a personal interest in saving the community centre and green space and has been a huge help with our campaign right from the start.

And finally thank you to all the local residents who have joined our campaign and given up so much of their time to help save this green space, all the people who wrote to the local councillors and Gedling Borough Council, the local shops and businesses who have put up our posters and handed out our leaflets, Notts TV and the Nottingham Evening Post who have covered the campaign so well, Mapperley People and the other Facebook groups who have supported us, and to everybody who turned up on Tuesday 10th October to make their feelings known.

We’re really happy to have a bit of green space we can all get to, and we’re really proud to be part of such a fantastic community.



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